Who Am I

I am a skilled, forward thinking Visual UX/UI Designer driven by prioritizing the user experience with innovative designs that adhere to branding standards down to every pixel. I’ve always had an interest in dissecting logos, analyzing designs, and pushing the limits with typography. Currently, I live in Colorado and love every minute of it, though I’m originally from the Midwest. I graduated from the University of Missouri where I majored in Fine Art emphasizing in photography and design with a minor in art history. 

 My passion for design has guided me through a continuous and successful career within the design industry for over 10 years. I’ve had a variety of experiences and was  fortunate enough to establish my own design company. Through that particular adventure I had the privilege of working with a wide variety startups across the country that has allowed me to truly understand and appreciate the entire creative process. In addition to my own company I’ve been working for the past 5+ years at What If Media Group, specializing in their Branding Services and UX/UI  departments.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my site. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions or comments. 

My Process

Design Process


  • Understand the scope
  • Explore ideas
  • Target objectives


  • Brainstorm
  • Product research and survey
  • Competitor, historical, and industry research

Conceptual Designs

  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • Storyboards
  • Site maps


  • Interactive prototypes
  • Graphic and brand design development
  • Feedback


  • Final design cleanup
  • Developer/handoff notes
  • Deployment & implementation checks

Usability Report

  • Review analytics and test results
  • Quality check functionality
  • Review user experience/interaction
  • Address developmental issues

Project Reflection

  • Reflect on original objectives
  • Review design and implementation processes 

Design Process Examples

Conceptual design

  • Low-fidelity wireframes
  • Storyboards
  • Site maps

Graphic and brand design

  • Logos
  • Custom graphics
  • Color palette


  • Interactive prototypes
  • Graphic and brand design development
  • Feedback

    Development - Final design cleanup

      • Final design cleanup
      • Developer/handoff notes
      • Deployment & implementation checks




            What inspires me?

            People, stories, emotions, and understanding different walks of life. When I believe in something, there isn’t a design challenge I can’t overcome. I thrive off of a challenge and juggling multiple responsibilities. Delivering a design and digital presence for someone or something that matters has always been one of the most fulfilling parts of working in this field. 

            What would I bring to your team?

            I would bring a new perspective that is dedicated to collaboration and transparency. I would also bring an abundance of grit and dependability to the team. I am dedicated to developing designs as well as myself to continuously improve and evolve with the times.

            Most memorable project?
            One of my favorite projects has been developing my idea to scale current projects through implementing website monetization. I spearheaded a team to create a variety of sites that worked together to bring in approximately $50,000 per quarter through creating brands that were accepted through third party networks and advertised website banners. I managed a team of 4 designers and 5 content writers, and together we worked to bring life to this simple concept and evolve it with analytics and user experience techniques. Even more rewarding than the monetary value of this project was the opportunity to lead a team and cultivate an environment where everyone was able to fully apply their skill sets and witness a positive outcome of their work.
            Biggest design influence

            My grandma, mother and grandpa are all artists and I remember watching them draw, paint and create beautiful artwork when I was a child. I knew at a young age that I wanted to find my own lane in that creative space. To this day I still look to their art and processes for inspiration. 


            Kim is a talented designer with both broad and deep experience in UX, graphic design, and interaction design. And on top of that, Kim delivers quality results. I have had the pleasure of working with her closely for the last couple of years. Delivery excellence is one of the high-points of Kim’s work. She always strives to provide the best innovative solutions. Even though she handles multiple projects, yet she keeps absolute track of the quality & timeliness of each one of them. I couldn’t recommend her any more highly for any position in UX/UI or design. She would be a great asset to any organization, a truly valuable team player with a great personality and team spirit. Her professionalism, strong work ethic, and attention to detail are invaluable to any team.

            John Prowell

            SR UX Designer , What If Media Group

            Kim is one of the finest leaders and superbly talented designers with which I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating. Kim can tackle all of your design needs – graphic, web, print and branding – and is the kind of leader that can fully envision a project from conception to completion. Kim is a reliable, trustworthy, capable, punctual, and competent person who will consistently exceed your expectations. You can expect transparent and proactive communication, deadlines to be met or completed ahead of schedule, and budgets to be utilized intelligently. I am extremely fortunate to have worked with Kim over the past five years and can confidently say that if you have the opportunity to employ Kim you should do so without hesitation.

            Dennis Wheatley

            Director of Branding Services, What If Media Group

            Kim is a great example of an effective and helpful manager. I have enjoyed working under her for a year and a half. Thanks to her supervision, I have learned everything I know about graphic design, digital media marketing, and website design. She has a powerful combination of expert knowledge and natural leadership abilities. She promoted both the personal and professional growth in each member of our team. Any employee would be lucky to work under the skillful supervision of Kim Mosberger!

            Megan Tucker

            Data Science Coordinator, What If Media Group

            Kim is an amazingly talented person and a delight to work with! She’s incredibly helpful and creative and I am always impressed by her. She’s a powerhouse; she has very well-developed UI and graphic design skills and she also has the grit and drive to back them up. Not to mention her sense of humor and her heart make any project with her an absolute joy. Can’t say enough good things about Kim!!

            Lindsay Dillon

            Software Development Engineer I, What If Media Group

            Kim is fantastically passionate person to work with! She has a delightful mix of design sense, front-end engineering skills, and entreprenurial drive to see out-of-the box projects through to completion. I also appreciate her mercifully kind sense of humor. I am sure where ever she lands, they will benefit great from what she adds to the work, and company culture.

            Scott Shou

            President , Net Bridges LLC

            Kim was wonderful to work with. She participated in many presentation test sessions and provided valuable feedback, not only to the graphics, but to what she took away from the content. I was set on a stick-figure aesthetic, and Kim showed me different styles of stick figures to get an idea of what I liked. In some cases, I had a more specific idea of what I wanted and provided crude sketches. From these, Kim kept true to the content and created very professional images.

            Katie Huang

            Engineering Manager, Copper

            I have collaborated with Kim as a third party affiliate on many different multimedia projects over the last few years. She excels behind the camera or as your design program manager. She has a sixth sense for multiple facets of media and will add value to any project that she is associated with.

            Eric Caldwell

            Project Manager, Burns & McDonnell